Taking ACTION towards mainstreaming biodiversity into forestry primarily involves integrating biodiversity information into plantation forestry land-use planning and decision-making in order to ensure better management of biodiversity and secure biodiversity priority areas.

SANBI and its partners have worked towards achieving this through developing sector-specific land use planning and decision-support tools for better management and identification of biodiversity priority areas, through engaging with the forestry sector around certification standards, through biodiversity stewardship to protect biodiversity priority areas, and through several sustainable forestry management pilot projects with small growers (tackling complexities around securing biodiversity and livelihoods using plantation forestry as an anchor tenant). Biodiversity stewardship is used within a matrix of other land uses to secure unplanted forestry-owned and community-owned land for biodiversity conservation.

Mainstreaming biodiversity into the plantation forestry production sector Industry-wide initiatives Pilot projects
Better management  Certification National FSC standards & FSC SLIMF Izanqawe
 Tools and guidelines Conservation planning tool Ozwathini
Protection of biodiversity priority areas Biodiversity screening tool Mkambati
 Biodiversity stewardship Biodiversity stewardship Umgano