Gauteng Integrated Biodiversity Management Task Team

The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) convenes the Gauteng Integrated Biodiversity Management Task Team 3-4 times a year to address issues of integrating biodiversity into land-use planning and decision-making in Gauteng.

The task team has its roots in the SANBI Grasslands Programme, which from 2005-2014 convened the Urban Task Team, bringing together Gauteng representatives from provincial and municipal government and SANBI. It was through meetings of this Task Team, and the input, support, and guidance of its members, that the Grasslands Programme has been able to adaptively manage changes in the institutional and political landscape that have challenged biodiversity mainstreaming efforts over the years. The importance of this group to successful mainstreaming is such that the GDARD, in consensus with other Task Team members, decided to convene a new task team following the end of the Grasslands Programme.

The Gauteng Integrated Biodiversity Management Task Team will consist of a core team of municipal and provincial officials, along with other key collaborating institutions. Further information about the task team, its aim, functions and membership are available from Abigail Kamineth, Deputy Director of Mainstreaming and Stewardship at GDARD.