Session 2

02 DECEMBER 2020




THEME: Biodiversity for sustainable development


Ecosystem services are the benefits that humans obtain from nature. Ecosystems produce and deliver a wide range of goods and services – from water, to fertile soil for food production, etc. These goods and services are produced more efficiently and more sustainably where biodiversity is intact and where changes and loss to biodiversity are minimised. The loss of biodiversity undermines the ability of ecosystems to function effectively and efficiently, which undermines their ability to provide people with a healthy environment, negatively impacting human wellbeing. Biodiversity loss also challenges our ability to achieve development priorities, e.g. health, food security, disaster risk reduction, etc. Investing in biodiversity to tackle development challenges requires communication and cooperation over multiple sectors and scales of governance. This panel discussion will look at how both the Environmental Management and Planning, and the Land Use Management components of the Biodiversity and Land-Use Project have engaged with the different spheres of government to integrate biodiversity into their processes. The session will focus on how biodiversity has been mainstreamed into various sectors; how coordination at the different spheres of government involved in land-use decision-making processes has improved; and finally, how the capacity of the different spheres of government have improved throughout the implementation of the project.


Session 2 Resources:


The following resources are in the process of being finalised and will be loaded here for your information. Please come back and check after the event if you are interested in any of these resources.

  • Albany Thicket Ecosystem Guideline
  • Savanna Ecosystem Guideline
  • Species Environmental Assessment Guideline
  • Guideline on the Clearing of Indigenous Vegetation for the purposes of orchard development and expansion in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality
  • Report on the implementation of environmental laws in the context of the orchard development and expansion in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality


Herewith presentations, short film and recordings for this session:


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