South African Mining and Biodiversity Forum (SAMBF)

The South African Mining and Biodiversity Forum (SAMBF) was established in 2005 in an effort to enhance biodiversity management in the mining industry. The forum brings together stakeholders from industry, conservation bodies and government, with the aim of providing an opportunity for cross-sectoral interaction and cooperation aimed at improving biodiversity conservation, management and performance in the mining industry within the South African legislative framework. The forum developed a guideline for mining companies and their stakeholders on how to address biodiversity conservation and management.

It was through the SAMBF, a forum facilitated by the Chamber of Mines with participation by mining companies, government departments and conservation organisations, that the need for a good practice guideline that focuses on providing practical guidance to the mining sector on how to address biodiversity issues in the South African context was identified. This forum provided the catalyst and funding for the initial development of the Mining and Biodiversity Guideline, was involved in its development, and has remained involved in training on the guideline.