Request for data supplied by SANBI

    I hereby apply for data/information supplied by SANBI from digitised collections:






    General description of data or information requested (e.g. fields, records and primary criteria)*

    Geographical and temporal extent of data (area of coverage or bounding coordinates; time period (from – to))*

    Specifications (e.g. software format):

    Date after which the delivery of data will be too late (our response is typically between one and three weeks at current capacity)*

    Purpose (what will the data be used for, nature of final product)*
    Commercial use/resaleManagement/conservationScientific researchPublicationPersonal interestOther

    Details of intended use

    List individuals (& affiliations) who will have access to the data/information*

    Will the data/information be used for the collection of biological material? If so please give details:

    By sending this form you accept the following conditions of use of data/information supplied by SANBI from digitised collections, and agree to abide by them in full.

    1. Availability: Use of data/information supplied by SANBI from digitised collections is subject to SANBI’s Biodiversity Information Policy Framework (2010), which is in turn based on the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA---Act 2 of 2000).
    2. Relevance and fitness for use (reliability/adequacy etc.): It is the responsibility of the user to understand the limitations and opportunities of using the available biodiversity information.
      • Any data/information supplied by SANBI from digitised collections may contain errors, and the onus is on the user to check the data thoroughly before using it. The overall error level is estimated at ± 15%, but will be higher or lower for individual data sets. Where users experience problems relating to the quality or type of data provided, they are invited to direct critical comments exclusively to the Information Officer, SANBI, together with any change request or suggestion they may have for improvement.
      • The information may be used to inform an opinion, recommendation, interpretation, conclusion and/or policy as a derivate product and/or service. SANBI will not be held liable for any opinion, recommendation, interpretation, conclusion and/or policy derived through the use of its information.
    3. Modification and clean-up of data: If any modifications are made to the data for the purposes of the project (e.g. clean-up), the custodian of that particular dataset will be provided with a copy of the modified dataset, send to
    4. Sensitive species: If data of sensitive species (as per the National Sensitive Species List 2010) are provided by SANBI, these data may not be shared or distributed in any way that may compromise or otherwise infringe the confidentiality of such information. The georeference may not be released or data may be released by watershed / bioregion / province, etc. with no georeference coordinates (Chapman et al. 2008 ).
    5. Restrictions: Use of this data is prohibited for any purposes that will cause or might cause significant harm to biodiversity; the information may not be used in a manner that harms the rights or interests of SANBI or its data providers.
      • Use is restricted exclusively to the purpose for which data were requested, and information may not be used for any other purpose.
      • The right to use the information is granted, not the rights to ownership (irrespective of any payment made for the use of the data). Information supplied by SANBI, in any format, through any media, may not be sold in whole or in part.
    6. Proprietary rights and ownership to data: The Data User acknowledges that all right, title and interest in and to the Data and all components thereof vest in SANBI, and to the extent that SANBI is not the owner of the Data, then the Data Owner, and that it has no claim of any nature in and to the Data and/or any of its components.
    7. Acknowledgement: The Data User is requested to ensure due acknowledgment of the support of SANBI, the Data Owner and also any donor identified, if appropriate, in all publications and publicity gained from the Project, and to submit copies of all such publicity and/or publications to the authorised representative of SANBI. A suitable format for scientific papers would be "This work forms part of the [DONOR'S NAME] [PROJECT NAME] co-ordinated by the South African National Biodiversity Institute".
      • For the sake of clarity the Parties agree that the Data User shall be required to cite the Data Owner in the same manner that they would cite and acknowledge material from any printed work. SANBI and / or SABIF should be acknowledged as either the source or the data publisher, or both, e.g., “The South African National Biodiversity Institute and the South African Biodiversity Facility are thanked for the use of data/information supplied by SANBI from digitised collections”. The acknowledgement should be followed by a brief description of the data used.
      • Such attribution will be maintained in any subsequent use of the data. Members of the public who were involved in data collection should also be acknowledged.