BRAHMS resources

The Botanical Record and Herbarium Management System (BRAHMS) resources are focused on preparatory work to improve the quality and standardisation of herbarium datasets and to encourage Data Partners buy-in and communication. This is as SANBI and Data Partners work towards an aggregated national botranical collections data management service in South Africa.

The following instructions are available:


A list of BRAHMS report templates and RDE files can be found below (last updated 2018/01/09):

BRAHMS donated files

The Botanical Database of Southern Africa (BODATSA) provides access to South African plant names (taxa), specimens (herbarium sheets) and observations (occurrence records) of plants. This dataset contains records from the National Herbarium in Pretoria, the Compton Herbarium in Cape Town and the KwaZulu-Natal Herbarium in Durban. The first record dates back to the 18th century. These resources include the family, genera, species (taxonomic ranks) and people (personal names of the collectors, fields include collectors, additional collectors, determined by (detby) names, taxon authors and literature authors) tables. Click here to download the data files.


Collection extract file 

Collection extract with linked

Main transactions file

RDE for collections

Specimen extract file

Specimen level browser

Taxon extract file

Transaction – specimen listing