2012 BIMF Presentations

The theme of the 2012 BIMF was “making a difference”.  The Forum was held at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, on 12 and 13 June with associated events and workshops through the week.

Click on the title of the presentation for a pdf version of the slides.  Some of the presentations have had pictures removed or altered to reduce the size of the files.

Keynote addresses
Managing biodiversity information: the good, the bad and the ugly. Jon Hutton 1.57 MB (altered pics)
Collaborative science – does it make a difference? Arthur Chapman 1.63 MB (altered pics)
Technology, tools and innovation    
iSpot southern Africa– SANBI’s exciting new citizen science initiative. Sarah-Leigh Hutchinson  1.6 MB
Using georeferencing tools to enrich biodiversity data Burgert Muller  1.84 MB
Addressing key scientific questions through the development of tools that use multiple data resources. Les Powrie  1.16 MB
South African Plant Invader Atlas an essential resource for Invasive Species Management. Philip Ivey  1.4 MB
Cybertracking emerging invasive alien species. Ntombifuthi Mthimkhulu  884 KB
SAEON streamflow and weather database. Victoria Goodall  540 KB
The future of SANBI’s publications. Louisa Liebenberg  1.83 MB
Open Global Resource of Literature for African biodiversity scientists. William Ulate  1.84 MB
Showcasing data digitisation and application    
The forgotten pollinators: filling a biodiversity information gap. Jonathan Colville 2.83 MB
Data in action: taking parasitology from the arcane to the applied. Graeme Cumming 2.67 MB
Unlocking the treasures of the deep: digitization of Iziko South African Museum’s marine biology data. Wayne Florence 5.13 MB
Data capture: the Durban Natural Science Museum story. Kirstin Williams 594 KB
Unlocking a wealth of biodiversity informatics: state of digitization of Iziko South African Museum entomology collection. Simon van Noort  1.85 MB
Capturing Africa’s dung beetle diversity Angelika Switala 2.67 MB
Digitization of scientific material for research and access to indigenous knowledge. Ria Groenewald 930 KB
From 34 databases to just one: lessons from the successful conversion to Specify at Iziko Museums. Hamish Robertson 395 KB
Co-ordination in North African network of taxonomy. Mohamed Kchouk 701 KB
Biodiversity Monitoring    
The basis of a GM-related monitoring programme: what to monitor and why? James Rhodes  383 KB
An indicator-based approach to assessing the effects of fishing on marine ecosystems. Lynne Shannon  1.45 MB
Marine aliens and their impacts. Charles Griffiths  1.5 MB
The Working for Water programme– a decade in biocontrol implementation Debbie Sharp  2.17 MB
The status of aquatic weed bio-control in SA. Julie Coetzee  1.9 MB
Management of information on bio-control agents for invasive alien plants in SA. Hildegard Klein  1.17 MB
Landuse Planning
Using BGIS for land-use planning. Sediqa Khatieb  1.6 MB