2018 BIMF-FBIP Presentations

A joint Biodiversity Information Management and Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP) forum was held from 13th – 16th May 2018 in Cape St Francis. Click on the title of the presentation for a pdf version of the slides.

Biodiversity and global change: National programmes for biodiversity assessment and monitoring    
National Biodiversity Assessment 2018: Preliminary assessment of data gaps and challenges Deshni Pillay 2.28 MB
The National Biodiversity Assessment: Assessing and monitoring genetic diversity Krystal Tolley 1.47 MB
Information into action – Municipalities as data users and data generators Natasha Govender 3.48 MB
NDF101 –  Ensuring the sustainability of trade in priority species Jeanetta Selier 2.45 MB
Leveraging foundational biodiversity information for observing global change Lara Atkinson,  Jasper Slingsby 5.51 MB
Camera trapping for assessment and monitoring of species and populations
Classifying Camera Trap Images on Massive Scale with Citizen Science and Machine Learning  Marco Willi  8.33 MB
Snapshot Safari – South Africa: A country-wide occupancy assessment and monitoring of mammals Jan Venter 2.17 MB
Camera trapping in a mixed urban-agricultural mosaic landscape: the value of a well designed survey regime Yvette Ehlers-Smith 5.21 MB
The ecological and conservation significance of camera-trap bycatch data: a case study of two reclusive, forest-specialised bird species from the Indian Ocean Coastal Belt Forest David Ehlers-Smith 5.90 MB
Moving Toward An Integrated Approach To Camera Trapping Research
 DNA Barcoding
The International Barcode of Life: second phase and meta-barcoding projects for bio-surveillance Evgeny Zakharov 17.4 MB
Bugging Around: An Overview of the Kruger Park Malaise Program Ryan Rattray 9.66 MB
DNA barcoding of KwaZulu-Natal Afromontane forest Parmelia (Parmeliaceae) species: A molecular approach to accurate specimen identification Nqobile Ndhlovu 1.45 MB
Barcoding of parasitoid wasps (Braconidae and Chalcidoidea) associated with wild and cultivated olives in the Western Cape of South Africa Chante Powell 1.41 MB
Biodiversity surveys in South Africa: addressing critical data gaps
The Karoo BioGaps Project making big strides for the Karoo Silvia Kirkman 1.40 MB
Five years onwards, filling the ‘Transkei gap’: an updated checklist of the herpetofauna found in the Eastern Cape forest and adjacent grasslands Werner Conradie 7.23 MB
Soil Fusarium survey in grassland Riana Jacobs 1.71 MB
Approaches to data generation for monitoring and assessment of biodiversity
Developing a long-term biodiversity monitoring framework for the eThekwini Municipality Mathilde van Rooyen 1.80 MB
A foundational biodiversity map of the terrestrial microbiome of a sub-Antarctic island Venkatachalan Siddarthan 2.81 MB
Re-surveying the insectivorous bats of northern Kruger National Park, South Africa Erin Brinkley 2.18 MB
Assessments of road impacts on the conservation of wildlife biodiversity in the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Reserve: Case study of Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa Talifhani Brilliant Mashao 1.64 MB
The use of Collembola as bio-indicators Charlene Janion-Scheepers  2.64 MB
Using Passive Integrated Transponders (PITs) in the Endangered African Penguin to monitor populations and movement Katta Ludynia 4.50 MB
The response of taxonomic and functional bird diversity to forest product harvesting in the Eastern Cape, South Africa Jessica Leaver 5.78 MB
Biodiversity of mycorrhizal fungi in South Africa – progress and challenges Joanna Dames 3.04 MB
Marine microbial community dynamics as a tool for measuring the response of sub-Antarctic ecosystems to climate change Nasipi Mtsi 1.35 MB
Efficacy of point counts and mist-netting for species detection of forestutilising birds in Eastern Cape forest Jake Mulvaney 1.65 MB
Unravelling cryptic diversity
Phylogenetic relationship in the slug-eater snakes, Duberria (Lamprophiidae) Shelley Edwards 3.14 MB
Molecular data reveals potential cryptic lineages in two forest-dwelling reptile species along the east coast of South Africa Theo Busschau 1.62 MB
Human capital development for citizen science programmes 
The impact of citizen scientists in long-term surveying of SA’s plants of conservation concern: a case study of the CREW Programme Suvarna Parbhoo-Mohan N/A
CASABIO.org – A powerful and efficient citizen science platform for scientific observations of plants and animals including camera traps David Gwynne-Evans N/A
iNaturalist – southern Africa’s new citizen science platform Tony Rebelo N/A
Speed presentations – documenting genetic diversity
Genetic structuring in Psammophylax (Fitzinger 1843), a widespread African snake genus Chad Keates 3.16 MB
Genetic diversity of the forest dwelling Myosorex cafer and the generalist Rhabdomys dilectus in Eastern Cape Emmanuel Matamba 3.03 MB
Comparison of genetic structure of two forest bats across Eastern Cape Forests Monika Moir 3.49 MB
Speed presentations – DNA barcoding
DNA barcoding of South African red seaweed species Jamie Julies 978 KB
DNA barcoding of native and non-native succulent plants in the South African horticultural industry Future Machate 3.73 MB
Update on FBIP grants and calls; data submitted and communication strategy
Overview of the FBIP funding approach and grants awarded Lita Pauw 1.34 MB
FBIP generated data: an assessment of taxonomic and spatial spread Mahlatse Kgatla 2.27 MB
The FBIP communication strategy Dane MacDonald 1.94 MB
Foundational biodiversity information management: systems and standards
National Biodiversity Information System (NBIS) update Brenda Daly 1.31 MB
Developing collection data management services as part of the NBIS Brenda Daly 605 KB
Biodiversity data curation: South Africa goes online Willem Coetzer 2.83 MB
A review of global data sharing trends and the case for open data Ian Engelbrecht
FBIP data challenges: the need to address quality standards Mahlatse Kgatla 669 KB
SANBI coordinating the development of policies for managing foundational animal work in South Africa Rethabile Motloung 501 KB
Collection specimen data management 
Development of a sustainable solution for biodiversity data management and curation: Case study of a 10-year academic collection at the African Centre for DNA  Barcoding Ronny Kabongo  N/A
Challenges and progress with mobilising biodiversity data in the Iziko South African Museum entomology collection Simon Van Noort 4.62 MB
Southern African Marine Mammal database: assessment and review of national museum collections, with the goal to consolidate existing specimen data, facilitate access to research collections and standardise curation Keshni Gopal 1.95 MB
Conversion of East London Museum Malacology database to Specify6 Mary Cole 1.39 MB
Using taxon concepts to reconcile the meanings of names in a collection context Ian Engelbrecht 2.13 MB
The inconsistent application of common and species names to polychaete worms used as bait can affect management Carol Simon 2.27 MB
Names for South African frogs and aspects of folk taxonomy, a Zululand case study Fortunate Phaka 957 KB
Unravelling microbial diversity 
Screening of ectomycorrhizal and other associated fungi in South African forestry nurseries Veronique Chartier FitzGerald 861 KB
Root fungal diversity associated with three Disa species Nondumiso Khambule 1.55 MB
Marion Island vegetation and root associated fungal diversity Jahman Thabede 584 KB
Diversity of rhizobia associated with root nodulation in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) from South Africa Francina Bopape 1.82 MB
A plethora of Fusarium species in grassland biome soils Mudzuli Mavhunga 786 KB
Using foundational biodiversity information for addressing global change challenges 
Biodiversity and impacts of plant feeding mites on tea plant (Camellia sinensis) in South Africa Pholoshi Maake N/A
The importance of herbaria distribution records in the study of gene flow likelihood from sugarcane (Saccharum hybrids) to wild and weedy relatives in eastern South Africa Dennis Komape N/A
Investigations into a new invasive worm in the Knysna Estuary Hendre van Rensburg N/A
Response of ant communities to woody plant expansion at Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Parks, KwaZulu-Natal Nomathamsanqa Mkhize N/A
Speed presentations: Assessing biodiversity in different habitats 
Ant communities along an elevational transect, Udzungwa Mountain in Tanzania Caroline Kunene N/A
Investigating population demographics, breeding system and principle pollinator of Protea curvata Precious Mabuza N/A
The role of competition in structuring ant communities in selected grasslands and forest habitat Nokubonga Thabethe N/A
Floristics of three Northern Coastal Forests in a global biodiversity hotspot: A comparison across patches of contrasting disturbance history Olivier Kambaj N/A
Checklist of epigaeic ants in Buffelsdraai Landfill Conservancy, South Africa Sbongiseni Xolo N/A
Ant and spider community response to alien invasive plant species (Chromolaena odorata) Sinenhlahla Mntambo N/A
Speed presentations: Taxonomy  N/A
A taxonomic study of the planktonic freshwater free-living copepods in Turfloop Dam, Limpopo Province Peral Mnisi N/A
A taxonomic revision of the Brevipalpus phoenicis and Brevipalpus obavatus species complexes (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) in South Africa Risuna Ndzeru N/A
Phylogeny of the terrestrial snail genus Gittenedouardia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cerastidae) Evelyn Raphalo  N/A
Key outcomes, reflections and closure Jeff Manuel N/A
Postgraduate student forum: Career development for taxonomists 
Typical skills that are necessary to build a career in taxonomy Tshifhiwa Mandiwana-Neudani 802 KB
Postgraduate student forum: Science communication workshop 
TV production versus scientific publishing; the ever-growing online platform; science communication – do’s and don’ts for TV, print, radio and online media Fortunate Phaka, Thula Zee Cube  N/A
Training sessions and Workshops  N/A
Camera trap data management Marco Willi,
Yvette Ehlers-Smith,
Rob Slotow
Barcode of Life Database Evgeny Zakharov N/A
SANBI–GBIF Georeferencing Training Fhatani Ranwashe,
Burgert Muller,
Sherwyn Mack,
Albe Bosman
Introduction to iNaturalist Tony Rebelo N/A