FEN 2019

The 2019 edition of Freshwater Ecosystem Network (FEN) adopted a conversation café technique to allow a collaborative dialogue around the various identified topics. This was suggested in the FEN 2018 in order to give everyone an opportunity to provide inputs and not just listening to presentations.








 Wetlands Data Acquisition and Management Strategy

 Mr. Mthabela  DWS

 Wetland restoration

 Dr. Farai Tererai  DEFF

 Resource Quality Objectives and Monitoring

 Ms. Matlala  DWS

 Integrated Water Quality Management

 Ms. Mazwi  DWS

 National Water and Sanitation Master Plan

 Mr. Atwaru  DWS

 National Biodiversity Assessment: freshwater component

 Dr. van Deventer  CSIR

 National Water Resource Strategy 2

 Ms. Netshiendeulu  DWS