Conservation south of Somkhanda

Work with the Zulu communities in the Mkuze Valley, part of the Pongola-Magudu key biodiversity area, to guide them through a land-use planning exercise. The aim is for the community members to identify areas for farming, water points, economic development, and most important for CEPF, patches of land that can ultimately become formally protected corridor links between the existing reserves.

Project title Mkuze River Conservation Project – Expansion of the Protected Area Network.
SD 2 Expand conservation areas and improve land use in 19 key biodiversity areas through innovative approaches that sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Grant amount $116,178
Grant Term 01/05/11 – 31/12/12
Grantee African Conservation Trust
Contact details Paulcryer[at]
Project documents Final report, English (PDF – 224 KB)