Elephant and rhino habitat in Mduna Royal Reserve

Thanda Private Game Reserve is a 7,500 ha exclusive safari tourism resort with well-managed biodiversity.  Neighbouring Thanda is Mduna Royal Reserve, a 6,000 hectare community-managed parcel that is relatively degraded.  Neither is assured long term conservation per their current legal designation.  Space for Elephants will facilitate the process by which the two are merged, fences are removed between them, and the resulting new area, the Thanda Royal Mduna Reserve, is proclaimed a formal stewardship area under the National Protected Areas Act.

Project title Safeguarding critical habitat for elephant and rhino as flagship Species in the Pongola-Magudu key biodiversity area.
SD 2 Expand conservation areas and improve land use in 19 key biodiversity areas through innovative approaches that sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Amount $161,750
Grant Term 01/01/12 – 31/12/13
Grantee Space for Elephants
Contact details wayne[at]tembe.co.za
Project documents Protected Area Management Effectiveness Assessment (PDF – 2MB), Large herbivore population estimates (PDF – 3MB), Vegetation monitoring (PDF – 1MB)