Project achievements

The CEPF investment in the MPAH was guided by five Strategic Directions (SD) and focused on 22 of the highest priority key biodiversity areas and two biodiversity conservation corridors in the hotspot. Fifty-nine civil society organisations were supported over the 5-year period through the allocation of 38 large grants and 50 small grants.


The investment catalysed an improvement in management of 1 107 342 ha across the hotspot, including 404 023 ha in protected areas and 703 319 ha outside protected areas. There were 331 158 ha of new protected areas secured through the biodiversity stewardship process, with a further 79 788 ha currently under negotiation. Through the investment 253 threatened species are now better protected or managed. The investment also played a crucial role in building capacity in the hotspot with 157 training interventions that benefited a total of 25 221 recipients. It further supported 127 different communities through various initiatives with 520 direct jobs created. These achievements were celebrated by the projects involved at the final MPAH Forum.