BGIS website training

The BGIS website offers free and comprehensive spatial biodiversity datasets and tools to support decision-making, research, policy formulation and biodiversity monitoring.

Sediqa assisting traineeBGIS training is relevant for people needing to access spatial biodiversity information on the BGIS website such as planners, environmental consultants, conservation managers and researchers.  It is not a general introduction to GIS and it is expected that participants have a basic working knowledge of GIS concepts and application.

The BGIS training sessions are led by Sediqa Khatieb, Fahiema Daniels and Fhatani Ranwashe from SANBI. Each training session starts with an introduction to Biodiversity Planning and a Google Earth exercise. This is followed by an introduction to the BGIS interactive mapping tools, the Land Use Decision Support (LUDS) tool and practical exercises.

The following training resources are available for download:

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