Planning & Assessment

South Africa has a wealth of valuable, natural resources which are under threat of degradation by competing land-uses. The Planning and Assessment section of the Biodiversity Advisor looks at the different tools available to safeguard South Africa’s biodiversity.

The Planning and Assessment section consists of four sections:

In the environmental assessment section, basic concepts are explained, and detailed instructions on using the BGIS website during the different phases of the EIA process, are given. The question of when a biodiversity specialist should be appointed is also explored in great detail.

The section of land-use planning focuses on various aspects of bioregional plans –- how to develop and publish one, the difference between a bioregional plan and biodiversity sector plan etc.

Systematic biodiversity planning identifies priority areas for biodiversity conservation within the landscape. The section provides users with useful references, and guides them through the preparation, analysis and use a systematic biodiversity plan.