How to compile a report using LUDS?

The Land Use Decision Support (LUDS) tool allows a user to determine the biodiversity status of an area of interest by generating a downloadable report. This product does not constitute a biodiversity assessment.

Instructions for using the LUDS tool:

  1. Go the the BGIS website.
  2. Click on the ‘luds’ tab.
  3. A map of South Africa’s provinces will appear. Select a province by clicking on the interactive map.
  4. A map of municipalities for that province will appear. Select a municipality by clicking on the interactive map, or by selecting a municipality from the drop-down menu.
  5. A summary of biodiversity features for your selected municipality will appear. On the left-hand side is a ‘launch the LUDS map for XXX municipality’. Click on the link.
  6. A customised LUDS map for your municipality will appear. Click on the ‘Land Use Decision Support (LUDS)’ tab.
  7. A LUDS toolbar will appear. Click on the ‘LUDS Tool’ button.
  8. A information panel will appear to the left of the map. It will warn users to keep their analysis within the boundaries of their selected municipality. Once users have read warning, press ‘Continue’.
  9. To continue with the analysis, the zoom in at a scale greater than 1:200 000 and then press ‘Continue’.
  10.  The next step is to select the area of analysis by using one of the custom geometry tools. Once the geometry has been captured, press ‘Ok.
  11. The user will then be asked to fill in the email address with which he/she has registered on the site. If the user has not registered on the site before, then they will be asked to complete a registration form before continuing with the analysis.
  12. The user’s registration details will appear. If the registration details are correct, press ‘Continue’. If the details are incorrect, complete the BGIS registration form.
  13. Select a development type from a drop-down menu. Users will not be able to move onto the next step until they have selected a development type. If the tool is being used for education or training purposes then tick the check box next to the words “Test assessment”. Once a development type is selected, press “Continue”.
  14. The LUDS tool will take a few seconds to process before a link to download the pdf LUDS report appears. Unfortunately the tool does not include a map of the analysis area. To include a map, users will need to use the ‘Print’ button.

To download the Land Use Decision Support (LUDS) user guide (November 2013), click here.