Extracting Information

The interactive maps host a wide range of information that can be viewed on screen by simply switching on various layers and uses one of the identify tools. To find out more about a mapped feature, follow the instructions below.

  1. If your toolbar is not displaying on your map, click on the “Toolbar” button
  2. Click on the analysis tab of your toolbar. The “Find” section contains 5 identify tools. To identify the features at a point, use the ‘Identify Point’ tool . Click on the tool and then click on the map. The results will be displayed in the Information Panel. The freehand, line, polygon and rectangle identify tools work in a similar fashion. 
  3. The results of the search should display in the Information Panel on the left.
  4. To exclude a layer from the identify process, deselect the layer in the layers list by unticking the check mark next to the layer.