Contents of a bioregional plan

The guideline and summary provide details on the contents of a bioregional plan, briefly a bioregional plan should include:

  • Part A: Introduction and objectives, including details of the bioregion boundary.
  • Part B: Biodiversity profile of the region, highlighting its biodiversity significance, and descriptions of the biodiversity features shown on the map.
  • Part C: Map of critical biodiversity areas, based on a systematic biodiversity plan.
  • Part D: Guidelines for land-use planning and decision making, linked to the critical biodiversity areas on the map.
  • Part E: Other measures for effective management of biodiversity in the area, where necessary.
  • Part F: Instructions for how the plan must be monitored, reviewed and updated, and how its implementation must be assessed.
  • Part G: GIS files for the map of critical biodiversity areas and any other maps included in the bioregional plan.