Checklists & Modelling

Species and specimen information is the basis on which almost all biodiversity tools, maps, research, models and tools are developed.  The research and modelling pages of the Biodiversity Advisor focus on species information and provide guidance on using models, based on biodiversity data, to map current and future distributions of species based on habitat suitability.

The research and modelling pages are divided into two sections:

1. Checklists and Encyclopaedia of Life pages which provide and generate information around the development of checklists of species occurring in South Africa.  This has not been done for many groups of species and is a step towards establishing a South African Encyclopaedia of Life.

2. Species distribution modelling which gives a background, rationale and provides resources on where to find relevant data.  It also provides examples and guidance on the main steps of developing a model.  This modelling technique uses primary biodiversity data and other information to generate predictive models of species distribution. This opens up novel and exciting uses of biodiversity data from natural history collections and observation records.

Picture credit Tessa Oliver