South African Animal Checklist

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Over 65,000 species of animals are known to exist in South Africa. Available checklists are provided on the table below, indicating classification and number of species for each group. This allows us to monitor which groups still need attention, andthe extent of the work that still needs to be done. Annotated checklists of species are listed on the table below.

Download the latest version of the Animal National checklist here.

Access and citation
The species checklists can be used freely, but if information from them is used in publications or other websites, the checklist author and the SANBI website must be cited in order to ensure that the intellectual input of scientists is acknowledged.

Reference example:
BARRACLOUGH, D.A. 2010. Checklist of South African Diptera. Animal checklist website (, accessed 01 June 2016.

If you have checklists for any of the groups not yet included, or you identify errors or omissions, please contact the Animal Checklist Officer at SANBI.
Tel.: +27 12 843 5000