Identification keys

A Botanical Glossary is available to aid users of the keys.

SANBI maintains several keys:


Key to Compiled by Download Format
Southern African threatened, protected and CITES-listed species SANBI and TRAFFIC, the Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network, a strategic alliance of WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature and IUCN-The World Conservation Union.  The project was sponsored by NORAD, SANBI and the Mazda Wildlife Fund. Read more Available online – View the SANBI IDentifyIt – Species tool. Website & mobile app
Conophytum (Aizoaceae) Robyn Powell and Anthony Magee Delta
Helichrysum (Asteraceae) Marinda Koekemoer Lucid
Lasiospermum (Asteraceae) Anthony Magee Not yet published. Contact Anthony Magee for more information. Delta
Multiple (10+) Various iSpot
Relhania and relatives (Asteraceae) Marinda Koekemoer Lucid
Relhania clade (Asteraceae) Brownynne Busch and Nicola Bergh

Install and, then extract and double click on to launch the key. Please read the introductory text accessible via the top left book icon on the intkey screen before using the key. 

Please note that this is a test version of the key. You can help us to improve it by sending comments and suggestions to: N.Bergh -at-

Seed plants (families and genera) Colin Lineker and Marianne le Roux e-Key-20160604 – alternatively, download zip HTML
South African plant families  Marinda Koekemoer Lucid
Thesium (Santalaceae) Marianne le Roux and Natasha Lombard Xper3